Weighted Vest For Building Strength

Photo of Weighted Vest

45 lbs weighted vest is a great way to increase resistance and build strength

Body weight exercises is a great way of building endurance and increasing your overall fitness level. Unfortunately, this kind of workout does not really allow you to build a lot of strength. As you progress with your body weight workout you are being forced to do more and more reps and it becomes boring after a while. That’s why I was really excited when I found this weighted vest in our local Dick’s store. I new it was exactly what I needed to make my P90X workouts a little more challenging. Finally I did not have to do 50 push-ups because in this vest I could only do about 20 of them. I also use it to train my legs. This allows me to get by and still get a solid leg workout at home without needing to go to gym and use heavy barbell. I use this vest  to provide additional resistance for my squats, pull-ups, and push-ups. You can get it on Amazon or in your local sporting goods store.

Check out these video of me doing dumbbell squats with this vest on:

At the time I filmed this I was about 176 lbs an the total weigh I was squatting in this video is 185 (70 lbs dumbbells and 45 lbs vest).