Workout Gear

If you take your workout seriously then you probably understand the importance of having good, solid, and more than anything – safe workout gear. Nothing is more irritating than an injury that sets you back for a few weeks or even months.

This is my workout gear that I have been using for a few years and really like and recommend to everyone:

  •  Pull-Up Bar – you will need it to do P90X or Body Beast. However, this pull-up bar can be used in any other resistance training routine.
  • Resistance Bands – you will need it to do P90X or Body Beast. You can also utilize these resistance bands as a part of any other strength training program to create isometric load for your muscles.
  • Weighted Vest – this might be the best way to provide additional resistance to your body weight workouts and help you gain additional strength while doing pull-ups, push-ups, and squats.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – when you do high intensity cardio training you need to know where your heart rate it. It helps avoid health problems as well as to make sure that you push yourself hard enough to accomplish your fitness goals. I strongly recommend Polar FT7 heart rate monitor to everyone. It is simple, easy to use, and provides you with valuable information about intensity of your workout.
  • Workout Gloves – if you are doing P90X or any other workout that involves lifting weights then you will greatly benefit from these soft and comfortable workout gloves.
  • Shaker Bottle – if you workout outside of your home then you will need to have a water bottle to stay hydrated, a shaker bottle to mix your post-workout recovery drink. This bottle combines all of these in one.