Challenge Group F.A.Q.

What is a Challenge Group?

A Challenge Group as it follows from its name is a group of people who takes on a fitness challenge that will last for a set period of time and with a goal in mind that will make them healthier, stronger and more fit.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Group?

There are multiple advantages of being a part of the group:

  • You get support and motivation of others who might be facing the same or similar challenges as you
  • Additional accountability for your actions
  • Personal coaching from me including direct access to me via email and cell phone
  • You workout in the comfort of your own home
  • You will  never feel like you are working out alone
  • Friendly environment and a lot of fun
  • Great results!

What Is Expected of the Group Members?

Each member of the group including me is expected to follow the schedule for the workout program and do the workouts, follow the meal guide and provide daily accountability reports.

What Happens If You Skip the Workout?

I understand that life happens and occasionally people get sick or have to travel unexpectedly. There might be time when you will end up skipping your workouts.

If you skip the workout due to travel then the only thing I can say in this case – it is your workout and not mine. In the last several years I only skipped workouts when I was recovering from my knee surgeries (I had three). You are not doing this for me or anyone else. If you skip it you will deprive yourself of a good thing. Most of the workouts can be performed on the road and with the rights amount of planning and dedication you still can get it done. I can help you with planning but it should be you who will have to do them.

If you get sick then you need to decide for yourself if you are sick enough to skip the workout. If you are skipping your workout but then going out with your friends later at night then I would argue that you are not sick enough.

I Want To Join but I am Afraid I Will Not Be Able To Keep Up!

Every workout program can be modified to your level of conditioning. This is where I can come in as a coach and help you to find the right level of intensity, identify correct weights, proper reps range, etc.

You also need to keep in mind that the goal of this challenges it to do YOUR best! Not to compete with me or the people in the video. And then day after day you will get stronger and better. Consistency is the key here. Step by step you will get to the point when your conditioning will improve enough that you will be able to accomplish your goals.

How Long Will It Take For Me to Get Ripped?

This is a million dollar question and to be completely honest with you I don’t know. It takes different time for different people. It took me about a year of hard work but I have seen people getting it done in only 3-4 months. Genetics do play a big role in this, however, the most important thing is your consistently and perseverance. If you are willing to do the work I will help you to maximize your results in the shortest period of time.

How Do I Join?

  1. Make a commitment that for the next 10-12 weeks (depending on the duration of your program) you will eat clean, you will exercise daily, you will stay positive and complete the challenge
  2. Create a FREE account on or if you already have an account then select me as your coach
  3. Purchase a challenge pack or Shakeology on Home Direct
  4. Send me an email notifying me that you want to join my group

What If I Already Have a Workout Program like P90X or INSANITY?

You can use your favorite workout program and still join the grout as long as you have Shakeology on HD

Shakeology Is TOO EXPENSIVE – Can I Use My Own Protein Shake Instead?

In order to join the group you need to have Shakeology. If you break it down to individual meal coast it comes down to approximately $4.50 / portion and if you compare that to the price of meal in any restaurant then you can see that this is very comparable price. You may also compare it to the price of a Starbucks coffee and again you will find that the price is very comparable. And if you consider that you will likely buy some sort of protein supplement anyway then the difference between the price of Shakeology and the supplement you will be getting from another store will be about $2 – $3 / day. This can hardly break any budget.

However, if you are not willing to do this then it tells me that you are not ready to make a commitment to complete the challenge. In this case I simply don’t want to waste your time as well as mine.

What Additional Supplements Should I Consider?

The main purpose of the supplements is to help you maximize the results of your workouts and help you recover as fast as possible. These are the supplements that I use.

  1. Shakeology is by far the number one
  2. P90X Peak Health Formula multivitamin package or ActiVit Multivitamins for optimal support of your immune system and your joints
  3. P90X Results and Recovery formula will help you recover faster and help with muscle soreness
  4. E&E Energy and Endurance pre-workout formula contains amino acids and helps you stay focused even during the toughest and the most intense workouts