CrossFit Ruins Commercial Gym – Or Does It?

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People keep talking about CrossFit as THE WAY of getting in good shape, becoming lean, mean, and all around awesome. While I do think that some of the things CrossFit advocates for are good and should be included into training routines for many people, there are two main issues that I have with the way most people are teaching CrossFit.

First, I view CrossFit as a dangerous cult, that puts too much emphasis on “looking bad ass” rather than improving athletic conditioning or simply overall fitness. Too many times I have seen people doing crazy things without realizing how counterproductive they are and simply how dangerous this is for them and people around them. There are many examples of people almost getting injured during so called competitions (the famous Albany CrossFit is probably the most well known).  You can also watch the video of “setting the records” in Big Sky on official CrossFit channel where one of the competitors almost drops the weights on spectators (small children standing right next to him).

The second biggest issue that I see with CrossFit is the lack of progression and the system. Too many times the focus of their workouts (WOD – Workout Of the Day) is on getting you tired rather than delivering targeted stimulus to your muscles and joints to ensure the required changes (getting stronger, bigger, faster) happen. If you keep changing the workouts every time, then how do you accomplish progressive overload and how do you keep track of your progress?

I understand, that in the eyes of people that never played competitive sports or simply never worked out on regular basis the feeling of being dead tired at the end of the CrossFit workout may seem very satisfying and they think they actually accomplish something but getting tired and getting results are totally different things.

Of course, guys like Rich Froning are definitely well conditioned athletes. However, they did not there by doing just CrossFit. The foundation of their athleticism was not build by CrossFit.

And here are a few funny videos about CrossFit:



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