How To Minimize Weekend Damage

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For many people weekend means time to relax and enjoy the day off. For some of us this will also mean waking up a little late, perhaps having different things for breakfast, or meeting friends for lunch or having a company for dinner. With all this taking place it is really easy to lose track of your nutrition and compromise your progress that you have made during the week.

Remember the saying that failing to plan mean planning to fail? In case of fitness and nutrition this  can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

This is what I suggest you do to avoid this:

  • Plan your day ahead, don’t leave it up to the chance, put together a list of things you will be eating and figure out when you will be eating it.
  • If you are planning on going to the restaurant then go to their web site, take a look at the menu and figure out what you will order. You may also give them a call and ask the manager to describe you what ingredients are used, or even ask them if they can cook something special for you. Tell them that you are on a special diet and 99% of places will understand this.
  • Make healthy choices while eating out: prefer lean meats and vegetables instead of burgers and fried foods.
  • If you are having your friends over for dinner assess the calorie level in the food and figure out what and how much you cant eat. You may prepare a separate portion just for you ahead of the time to make sure you are staying within your targeted macros.
  • Minimize the alcohol consumption. If you must drink have one drink and spread it out through the evening.
  • If it is your rest day you don’t have to spend it sitting on a couch. Go for a walk, play basketball or soccer with your friends, take a dog for a walk. Stay active!!!
  • Do not stay up too late. Remember that good day starts with going to bed on time the night before. The longer you stay up the less rest you will get and this will impact your ability to workout tomorrow. Rest is crucial and you need to make sure you do not deprive yourself of getting the best of it.

And remember – you cannot outwork shitty diet!!! Your success is starting with your will to make the right decisions and smart choices.

Enjoy your weekend!


Alexander Garbuz